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In our comfortable and light-coloured restaurant you can enjoy the meals of our seasonal cuisine, of „crossover“ meals – as they are called nowadays - by the junior owner or one of the classic steaks of local beef from the menu “Luggi’s Steakkarte”.

When choosing the meat we prefer local beef, pork of pigs from the region around Schwäbisch Hall and venison specialities from local hunter friends.

Most of the local fish like brown trout and pike are even fished by our two “head” chefs in our own fishing grounds in a river near Marktoberdorf. There we are trying to recolonize crayfish that used to live there by specific stocking measures. It did not become extinct due to the crayfish plague in this river. In the year 2008 we caught several crayfish, some of them of enormous size up to 300 grams with the bow net.

Exotic fish and seafood are bought at a delicatessen of our trust. This shop supplies fish four days a week – thus granting it is absolutely fresh.

Smoked fish on our menu is house-smoked in our smoker – be it blue marlin, tuna, whitefish or trout.