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In former days the building where the hotel is located used to be called “Beim Oberjäger” (At the master hunter’s). Beside his hunting tasks this hunter was in charge of providing drinking water for the castle nearby. In front of the house there was a water trough with constantly running water originating from the sources in the Riedle. Every day the hunter took the water in a small barrel to the castle. The inn in this house was not opened before 1900 by the innkeeper Johann Klimm. As he was a bachelor his heir Eduard Burger from Sonthofen took over after his death in 1908. He sold the inn in the following years to Felix Walk who only kept it for three years as a butcher and inn-keeper and sold it to Isidor Geiger from Bertoldshofen in 1912.

After his death Hermann and Jeanette Blochum took over in 1949. In May 1986 his son Ludwig and Barbara Blochum took over the inn “Gasthof zum Hirsch”; in April 2008 their son Thomas Blochum joined them.

It comes as no surprise that hospitality has been pivotal in this house for generations. But it is a rather unknown fact that the probably most famous master builder of the baroque area of the Allgäu was born in this house. On January 22, 1673 Johann Georg Fischer saw the light of the day here. After his education as stonemason and bricklayer he worked for his uncle, the architect and painter Johann Jakob Herkommer in Füssen. Together they put many building projects into practice; these buildings are still admired today. Their cooperation was crowned by building the church St. Jakob in Innsbruck. After the sudden death of his uncle Herkommer Fischer could implement many of his own ideas. Fischer now took over his uncle’s business. Many churches and representative buildings bear his signature, among others in Füssen, Wolfegg, Kißlegg, Lindau, Steinbach, Dillingen, Bernbeuren, Bertholdshofen und in his hometown Marktoberdorf.

Looking out of the windows of our hotel you can see one of his masterpieces: Schlossbergkirche St. Martin. After a fulfilled and busy life Johann Georg Fischer died on April 26, 1747 in Füssen.